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how was it?

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RE: show at the Derby | from motodudeApr 08 2002 - 10:00

Yeah, I was there. It was very good...the band sounded great, the sound was powerful and spot-on. I especially loved the 'new improved' version of Staring At the Sun...very cool. Unfortunately, Jeff said his voice gave out only 45 minutes or so into the set, so the band just upped at quit at that point. Quite disappointing, esp. after waiting four years for their LA return. (Jeff, if you read this, couldn't you have played some instrumentals?) Oh well, I still love them.

how was it? | from slaterdaysApr 08 2002 - 09:42

Was anyone at the show last night at the Derby in LA? How was it? I had to miss because of a personal reason. Sucks. Do tell.

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