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Arizona anyone???

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RE: Phoenix and Tucson? | from JBApr 05 2002 - 00:55

That's a relief. I wonder what you would have thought if we played a good show. What the shows lacked in quality or grace or attendance was more then made up for (for us anyway) by the all fantastically nice people we met. Thank you Leslie Barton, Steven Eye and Andy Gardner for sticking your necks out. We hope there's a next time.

RE: Phoenix and Tucson? | from TNApr 04 2002 - 15:21

Tucson was a heavenly show.
"Staring at the Sky" was one of the best Idaho moments I've experienced. They probably played for about an hour, making their way from "Weird Wood" , "Alive Again", "Get Back" a few from Levitate and they played "Heart of Palms" twice.... possibly for recording purposes, althought maybe that was just some weird Mic. Aces. Where was everybody?

RE: Phoenix and Tucson? | from jeffApr 03 2002 - 11:26

despite all the usual first show problems it was not so bad.... my voice is slowly healing from me blowing it out , acting like a frankenstein character who makes this repulsive gut roar and stops periodically to fake vomit chacing kids around at my sister's baby shower.... i think i scared some of the older guests more than the kids.

RE: Phoenix and Tucson? | from adamApr 03 2002 - 08:48

How was the show guys?

RE: Phoenix and Tucson? | from JBApr 03 2002 - 03:31

Jeff meant to say the songs will be on next YEARS CD. This years CD (street date:September 17th) is quite splendid though.

RE: Phoenix and Tucson? | from jeffApr 02 2002 - 16:37

well im off to sound check out hear in the desert...... hope someone comes to listen..... 2 songs that will be on the next CD will be played for 1st time in public WOWEE....

RE: Phoenix and Tucson? | from GlowpusherApr 02 2002 - 14:47

Club Congress. But of course.

RE: Phoenix and Tucson? | from susan331Apr 01 2002 - 13:17

Miniskirts and go-go boots? You guys stay the fark outta my closet!

RE: Phoenix and Tucson? | from Tavi NealApr 01 2002 - 12:51

I'll be at the Tucson show! There was some nice press for the show in the weekly! I hope people in Tucson still remember what an awesome band Idaho is.

can't wait to get the new record!

Arizona anyone??? | from JBApr 01 2002 - 01:31

I'm just wondering if anyone might be coming to Modified or Club Congress ?
April 2nd and 3rd respectively.
Jeff's threatening to play in a mini skirt and go-go boots....yikes!

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