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RE: Mark Eitzel last night | from Rob Apr 01 2002 - 01:21

Fuck!!! I made the classic spelling error. Oh well, I'm stoopid.

RE: Mark Eitzel last night | from Rob sApr 01 2002 - 01:20

JB. you're wish, my command.

RE: Mark Eitzel last night | from JBMar 30 2002 - 02:25

Hey Rob, Tell him "Hi" from John and Dale from IDAHO...see if he talks any shit..

RE: Mark Eitzel last night | from Rob sMar 29 2002 - 23:01

Mark is in Melbourne for another 3 weeks and I'll be seeing him again on April 14th. I'll let you all know how it was. Thanks for the response and tips.

RE: Mark Eitzel last night | from susan331Mar 29 2002 - 10:47

FYI: Mark has an all-covers album coming out April 23 on New West Records:

RE: Mark Eitzel last night | from christianMar 29 2002 - 05:48

yeah that is definitely typical of eitzel. he's an incredible artist but obviously is very self-depreciating. it's a cliche but if anyone deserves the title "tortured artists" it's him.

In australia | from Rob sMar 29 2002 - 03:27

Hi Gang,
Last night I saw Mark Eitzel play in a tiny pub in Melbourne, Australia. It was a totally odd experience for me, as I never thought I'd get to see him play live ever. His set was very strange (he played 2 AMC songs-Mercury era). In fact he very was strange, he didn't take himself seriously, he stopped mid-song (in just about every song) mainly to mock himself, his lyrics and/or the audience.
Is this a typical Mark gig?
BTW I loved it!! Very humble.

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