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Levitate at BORDERS

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RE: BORDERS Featured selection | from JBFeb 09 2002 - 21:28

Yo, Chris, ma man!

RE: BORDERS Featured selection | from edFeb 07 2002 - 10:56

Idaho also got into the top ten (2001) indie records on CDNOW.

Levitate at BORDERS | from chrisFeb 07 2002 - 08:54

Hey jeff and john and dale,
Levitate is one of the feautured selections at my local Borders bookstore, crediting Idaho for "starting the slo-core movemnet with bands like RHP". This is the same store that told me Levitate was nearly "impossible" to get. My goodness, times change in 4 months.
Anyway-hope all is well-
Chris ( as in Denise), CT

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