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RE: New to Idaho | from philMar 24 2002 - 02:08

"rollercoaster" & "katy song" from RHP and "get you back", "fall around" and "staring at the sky" and all of "alas"

idaho is the greatest!!

RE: New to Idaho | from Lord of the BadgersMar 23 2002 - 03:55

There are loads of Idaho / RHP fans in the UK!!!! Well, there's more RHP fans probably.... That was one scary coincidence you chaps had there. In RHPs case it probably helps they were on 4ad originally, as people who buy 4ad are prone to checking out the rest of that label's roster.

RE: New to Idaho | from DeanJan 29 2002 - 06:00

Where are you Monkfish??
And why worthing??
NB: The girl from Mullholland heights ( blonde one ) was born here!! Weird eh?? What on earth could have made her want to leave???
Whatcha been upto recently John boy?? Still sculpting those huge,dark sonic soundscapes?? Haven't you got the hint yet?? We want some new choons to soundtrack our grey winter nights!!

RE: New to Idaho | from JBJan 29 2002 - 04:10

Dude, that's freaky...

RE: New to Idaho | from DeanJan 28 2002 - 01:24

Be prepared to be freaked out!!
Yes, Worthing IS behind the rest of the world and I should know because I'm sat there at this very moment!! I work opposite safeways!! ( sort of )!! How's that for a coincidence!!
You can Email me directly to save us waffling all over this string!!

RE: New to Idaho | from MonkfishJan 25 2002 - 15:52

Hey Dean, I live in Worthing nr Brighton on the south coast. Are you English too? I like the darker side of music so I will give Year after Year a try. Thanks for the tip on Radar Bros, I will look them up. If you are English please tell me how you came across RHP and Idaho, as their profiles seem to be quite low over here, (or is Worthing just behind the rest of the UK). Laters.

RE: New to Idaho | from MonkfishJan 25 2002 - 15:31

Thankyou Ash for the info,no wonder I cant find it anywhere.imo it is a fine fine song and it deserves to be more than a website release! Do the band not rate it enough to bang it on an album?

RE: New to Idaho | from DeanJan 25 2002 - 09:04

Hey monkfish!!
Where you based?? I've been a longtime Idaho fan. Try

A sound Awake
Glass bottomed
A ten to noon
god: there's loads of them!! Year after year ( 1st LP ) is awsome but a lot darker than the rest. Love RHP's too: Drop is one of my favourite songs of all time ( though not when I'm in the mood for partying!! ) try Radar Bros for similar mellow tunes.

RE: New to Idaho | from ashJan 24 2002 - 16:36

i could be wrong, but i don't believe that 'dantanna' was ever actally a formal release. jeff posted it on the site here as a demo a few years back...

RE: New to Idaho | from edJan 24 2002 - 15:49


Dantanna | from MonkfishJan 24 2002 - 15:09

Hi Idaho Community.
I am an English RHP fan who has just discovered Idaho via their wonderful set on Shanti 1. So far my favourite song by them is Dantanna, but I cannot find it on any of their albums. Can anyone please tell me how and when this song was released? I have the 3 Sheets and Levitate albums. Any other surefire winners? Thankyou

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