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Coconut Teaser this Tuesday

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RE: It is sure to be a great show | from Blue OctoberJan 09 2002 - 16:01

I forgot to reiterate the subject line by mentioning again the the show will be Tuesday 1/15 at the Coconut Teaser.

They will be in Sant Ana at the Galaxy theater 1/16, show at 10pm.

Thank you!

Coconut Teaser this Tuesday | from Blue OctoberJan 09 2002 - 15:58

Blue October (a band whose composer
and frontman has been heavily influenced by Idaho) will be playing it's first show in CA.
Although Blue October does not have the same sound as Idaho it is
sure to be an amazing show.

Please help me welcome the band to Hollywood.

If anyone is interested and must hear the band before making the trek to Sunset Blvd. The cd should be available at Best Buy or major music stores.


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