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RE: Club Lek 2002 | from michelMay 24 2007 - 17:17

club lek.. yeah.... i was there, had to work late but made it, funny .. i remember feeling intensely happy with this first idaho live experience up ahead (had to wait out a load of crap before jeff was on) them realized i was a bit over-exited for a grown up haha... the interview was all right and the playing..wow indeed this was an intense happening and i still feel fortunate to have been there, i suppose i was the only one coming 'round for Idaho as there supposedly were only 50 people present with 3 or 4 bands on the broadcast. Can't believe thats 5 years ago... mm, shame Idaho don't come to NL in 2007, now i can again drive down to belgium to hear whats new -which i will gladly do-

New Dark | from greenApr 23 2007 - 19:27

Hey Jeff,

I was listening to your show from Club Lek (from back in the day), and was wondering if any of those songs or that perfromance will ever be put to CD (before the website I heard it from takes it off)? I think maybe something was said before...?

Anyway,those songs are awesome. 5yrs later, they still take me to a place like it was the first time.

New Dark is my favorite. I love the ending.

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