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RE: forbidden/alas documentary | from ChrisSep 25 2007 - 16:22

I'm so in. Denise, we need to find a nice locale...maybe a trip to sunny CA? I could lean against a palm tree at sunset - it would be sooo year after year! Jeff, you'll need to do a lot of editing...I could talk about you and your music for days, and what it means to me.

RE: forbidden/alas documentary | from joe tunmerSep 15 2007 - 01:41

don't know how far the documentary has been delayed by, but if you still need footage, there's an english guy and a relocated californian girl here in brighton, england with cameras and editing facilities for whom idaho play a large part in soundtracking their 5 years trying to get together (and the 1 year we've been together now) so if there's anything we can do...

also, there's a promoter in brighton called the gilded palace of sin who are huge fans of yours - i mentioned you were putting together a european tour and they fell apart. they're at http://www.thegildedpalaceofsin.com/pages/whatsOn_list.html

i've been an idaho fan since the palms ep and have never got to see you live - it's the biggest unchecked box on my list...


RE: forbidden/alas documentary | from jeffAug 23 2007 - 08:10

that'd be amazing if you could do that nick....

RE: forbidden/alas documentary | from susan331Aug 17 2007 - 21:18

It is imperative that someone deliver a disc of recorded music to my clandestine location. Instructions will be supplied upon request. Lather, rinse, repeat.

RE: forbidden/alas documentary | from nickJul 13 2007 - 01:14

geez, i'd love to get in on this and provide a little video commentary - very cool idea - i've been a major fan since 'this way out' and clearly remember several seminal 'idaho' experiences in different locations over the years - and have distinct (positive) thoughts on the "forbidden ep/alas" material - and have always thought your work truly deserved more attention and broader acclaim - i have no idea whether you'd use any of my commentary, but, assuming i can film something at some point, it's good for me that the dvd is being put off since i've been swamped lately trying to open a food/pizza shop here in chicago - if i get a chance over the coming months, i'll try to bum a video cam from a friend put a few words together - glad to hear about your upcoming releases and projects - keep plugging away...

RE: forbidden/alas documentary | from ronJun 03 2007 - 10:38

hmm... this could be fun!

RE: forbidden/alas documentary | from jeffJun 03 2007 - 10:19

do you know anyone you can borrow one from?

RE: forbidden/alas documentary | from KernJun 03 2007 - 07:56

main problem here is: no camera

RE: forbidden/alas documentary | from jeffMay 31 2007 - 20:06

i would be so damn happy!!

RE: forbidden/alas documentary | from az galMay 31 2007 - 14:52

i might be able to do this.

RE: forbidden/alas documentary | from mattMay 28 2007 - 00:46

i'd be interested in saying a few things about i d a h o. just personal observations, primarily, but i think they could be of use. definitely wouldn't be much trouble.

RE: forbidden/alas documentary | from jeffMay 25 2007 - 19:00


this documentary is being put off for like a year....but i would still love it if anyone would film themselves saying anything about idaho....i realize that this may be very challenging as it would for me to do for someonse else .....for example : how do you think idaho fits into the musical landscape of the times past and future...how did you hear about and get into idaho....really just anything will work for me. im hoping that the guy who made the "live today" video is going to make this movie(david schlussel) so it wouldnt be me editing this thing.....i guess what im saying is that i cant even promise your footage would get used....but i would be so gratefull to recieve anything from anyone....if anyone is in LA maybe we could arrange for david to film you himself...he did mention that to me. ok......if i can be of any more help with this let me know :)

RE: forbidden/alas documentary | from michelMay 24 2007 - 17:44

jeff both records bring back certain memories everytime i play them, not quite sure what you aim at can you enlighten me (are you looking for comments or imaged visions clip-like stuff), i would like to contibute if appreciated.

RE: forbidden/alas documentary | from Mike MyersMay 18 2007 - 10:00

Let me play drums on the new I D A H O!!!!!

RE: forbidden/alas documentary | from AlexMay 12 2007 - 18:22

I guess that's good, b/c I haven't been able to film anything yet! Grrr...

RE: forbidden/alas documentary | from jeffMay 09 2007 - 16:19

ok....so the new idaho CD has now taken priorty over the alas/forbidden DVD. the CD will still be released however. so if anyone was planning to help out.....the footage would still be highly apreciated as the documentary has only been delayed.

RE: forbidden/alas documentary | from deniseApr 28 2007 - 20:15

No---we love YOU!! This must be apparent after all these years. C'mon Chris....bring your video camera to my place and let's get rolling....

RE: forbidden/alas documentary | from jeffApr 27 2007 - 12:11

i love you guys!!!

RE: forbidden/alas documentary | from deniseApr 26 2007 - 20:25

Chris!! I am volunteering you to do this for Jeff...I will film it.

RE: forbidden/alas documentary | from jeffApr 15 2007 - 20:28

i can come up with some questions if it helps.....i realize its a lot to ask someone to do. im looking for just a few moments. some thoughts about a song or two would be fine. or even something totally off the wall. you could recount how you became interested in idaho. i feel that these 2 releases where the begining of a new stage in idaho's developement. ...not sure if that helps much here though....hmmm. really, im not picky....so what comes up and ill probably love it!

RE: forbidden/alas documentary | from stanApr 15 2007 - 20:07

Hey Jeff:
I am probably one of your oldest fans (49 in May) and I absolutely love your music (listening to an Idaho mix right now as I surf). I am a videographer and would love to contribute if possible. I ride a motorcyle and always have Idaho playing while I ride. Let me know what you're looking for. Thanks!


RE: forbidden/alas documentary | from jeffApr 13 2007 - 22:57

great alex.... i love you!

RE: forbidden/alas documentary | from AlexApr 13 2007 - 22:48

I sent you a message on myspace, then just saw this message board is back. I'm interested. :)

reflections | from jeffApr 12 2007 - 20:29

hello all,

im going to be re-releasing the forbidden e.p. and alas as one CD which will include a documentary of those times on a DVD.(plus some un-released stuff perhaps) if any of you would
like to film yourselves reflecting on these records i may want to use some of your footage for this. if you are interested contact me at this address or post here and ill write you.
the format should be regular old DV video shot in the normal 4:3 aspect ratio.

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