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it's hard to wait

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RE: On tour ? | from TimApr 28 2008 - 15:27

Denver Please!!

RE: On tour ? | from jeffApr 28 2008 - 09:44

i keep having dreams about touring in the states....... why i wonder?

RE: On tour ? | from HannaApr 14 2008 - 10:19

Or how about Omaha? :-) The Waiting Room...

RE: On tour ? | from Mike MyersApr 11 2008 - 13:01

Kansas City would be a good draw. I've turned every human being, mammal and reptile on to Idaho.

Recordbar would be a wonderful venue.


RE: On tour ? | from JonMar 31 2008 - 18:09

The midwest has a small following of listeners. I vote for Kansas or Missouri, but will drive a long distance for sounds of Idaho.

RE: On tour ? | from DamienMar 05 2008 - 14:16

Hi Jeff !

Don't know if you received the mail I sent to you (with pictures, links to pics and videos of the show in Grenoble) ?
If you don't, just tell me, and I'll give you all I got.

Thanks again for your kindness, your music, the great shows in France (Paris, Lyon, Grenoble). Hope to see you soon in France with new songs...

Take care.


RE: On tour ? | from sebbydeeMar 05 2008 - 10:37

thanks Jeff !
and thanks also for the encore with Santa Claus Is Weird. i didn't expect you'd play that one. another highlight !

RE: On tour ? | from jeffMar 05 2008 - 09:27

its an untitled song that was written with bill and bryan. "drum song" it should get recorded soon....or ill post a live version if i can find a good enough one :)

RE: On tour ? | from sebbydeeMar 05 2008 - 08:40

Jeff, if you read this what is the song you were performing during the euro shows ? the one just before Social Studies... what a track !!

RE: On tour ? | from bartlebyMar 01 2008 - 15:58

did anyone hike up to the dead end of Flanders' Fields, ie the 4AD club in Diksmuide, Belgium? I wanted to go but reliable sources and endless browsing told me that , withotu a car, you are stuck there after 21h15 until the next morning. Also i'd be interested how Idaho held up after/?before?/against the noisier Trumans Water and tHE Bugs.
Anyone care to share on the Botanique concert in Brussels? They were supposed to have been 100 people and Idaho headlining without opening act?
Now that i'm asking: Vienna, anyone?

RE: On tour ? | from chris healeyFeb 22 2008 - 18:44

just to add my profound disappointment that the uk didn't work out this time. but please, if any way can be found in the fall, come and make our year.

RE: On tour ? | from -Feb 22 2008 - 14:45

does anyone care to share a link to posted audio or video from any of the shows?

RE: On tour ? | from sebbydeeFeb 22 2008 - 12:10

yeah the gig was ice yesterday night.
by the way the last song they played is from Levitate and is called "Santa Claus Is Weird".

here is an attempt of a set list for this tour
> jump up live
> run but you ran
> ???
> ???
> wake up in time
> to be the one
> ready to go
> lately
> ???
> ???
> ???
> get you back
> stare at the sky
> 20 years
> just might run
> santa claus is weird

similar setlist in belgium minus 20 years...

too bad they didn't use the behind the stage films like in 2002 (?) or 2004. that added a lot to the show in my opinion.

RE: On tour ? | from JohannFeb 22 2008 - 09:32


I was at the Roubaix gig yesterday and it was great! The guys was in a good mood. It was a bit short (1h15). Unfortunatly, i can't give you a set list cause i don't know all the albums. I know they played "Run But You Ran" , "Get You Back", "Just Might Run". Jeff wanted to play "The Mystery" but he said he was unable to do it. The last song they played before the encore was maybe "Fuel", very rock and atmospheric song, it was my favorite of the night and i really want to know which song it was (any idea?). Maybe they played some new songs too, i'm not sure.
Please share your experience of this european tour! Anyone have a set list?

RE: On tour ? | from KernFeb 14 2008 - 15:45

it may be a little late - but if anybody from here is in hamburg on sunday and doesn't know how to spend the afternoon on sunday:

theres a label party by the Audiolith Label on Sunday at the Hafenklang Exil (just a 5 minute walk from the Altona station) - I'll be spinning Techno records there from 16.00 - 18.00, a few bands are playing, a film is shown and there's also a reading. entry fee s 5 €.

more info:

RE: On tour ? | from John DoeJan 29 2008 - 16:17

Does anyone know whether advanced tickets are needed for the shows? Specifically, do I need to book the Vienna show in advance and if so, how can I do this if I don't live there?

RE: On tour ? | from adamJan 24 2008 - 22:06

good lord jeff, please bring your music to detroit. i'll cross the border so you can break my four track.

RE: On tour ? | from jayfJan 24 2008 - 20:23

bill sanke on bass, bryan kertenian on drums (he's good at drawing). playing a couple of hits from those CDs to be sure

RE: On tour ? | from KernJan 24 2008 - 14:49

so who is in the band for the tour?
will we hear a few songs from the alas/forbidden era as the re-release is about to come out?
and, a little odd question, is anyone in the band good at drawing?

RE: On tour ? | from JR OlssonJan 14 2008 - 01:52

I don't understand the booking dudes and clubs in Sweden. Pay the bands! They all think they can book bands without paying anything. It always ends up with the same old bands that knows some people at the clubs and then they get to play. Jeff - contact hello@audibleactions.com about Sweden, it is my booker and maybe he can hook something up. And if it doesn't fit this tour then maybe the next. I'll try to travel to one of the Italy shows to see you instead.

RE: On tour ? | from JR OlssonJan 14 2008 - 01:52

I don't understand the booking dudes and clubs in Sweden. Pay the bands! They all think they can book bands without paying anything. It always ends up with the same old bands that knows some people at the clubs and then they get to play. Jeff - contact hello@audibleactions.com about Sweden, it is my booker and maybe he can hook something up. And if it doesn't fit this tour then maybe the next. I'll try to travel to one of the Italy shows to see you instead.

RE: On tour ? | from jeffJan 12 2008 - 00:56

i swear we tried to play in the UK and sweden....too expensive/ no interested bookers, etc. if this tour goes well idaho will be back in the fall :)

RE: On tour ? | from KernJan 09 2008 - 10:46

just received a sms that you play hamburg.
Knust may not be my favourite location. but it's ok.

RE: On tour ? | from Mike MyersJan 09 2008 - 09:41

Hey Jeff are you still going to do some US dates?


RE: On tour ? | from SakuJan 09 2008 - 01:21

just got plane tickets from helsinki (finland) to hamburg for the gig weekend. i chickened when idaho played hamburg last time (~5 years ago), but not this time. see you in hamburg, jeff!

RE: On tour ? | from mattJan 08 2008 - 22:07

STOKED about all this touring! As you can see, Jeff, it means a lot to a lot of people. Nice job handling all the requests!

RE: On tour ? | from Stephen WallerJan 08 2008 - 17:18

but... but.... where are the UK dates? Not even a solitary London date?

What gives?


RE: On tour ? | from az galJan 08 2008 - 14:19

jeez. if I'd have know about this a couple months ago I might have been able to plan a vacation to one of these lucky european cities that seems to get all the tour dates. BUT there is no way to do that now...and since US will probably take another year or two or three... ah forget it this is just too depressing. cya

RE: On tour ? | from Dan TJan 08 2008 - 07:18

Gareth, I share your pain.

I guess it's a matter of cruising the bargain bucket airlines for a cheap flight to the continent !

Current favourite is RyanAir from Luton to Berlin... Still not as cheap as £50 return in diesel to a London date though :-(

RE: On tour ? | from GarethJan 08 2008 - 01:52

How to isolate your listeners, part 14:

Ignore a sizeable British fanbase, by playing as many European backwaters as is humanly possible over a 6 week period.

Well. Done.

RE: On tour ? | from danielsJan 04 2008 - 17:06

Hello, By bizarre luck, my wife will be in Paris on Feb 22. I can't translate the french website for the La Condition Publique. Do you have a link for info?
Of course, a show at Maxwells would be easier.

RE: On tour ? | from John DoeJan 02 2008 - 09:58

yes ! lausanne/switzerland 6/2 !!

RE: On tour ? | from ceccaJan 02 2008 - 02:54

wed 30th january Idaho@Diagonal Loft Club - Forlì - Italy - free entry - h.22

RE: On tour ? | from jeffJan 01 2008 - 14:56

perhaps in the late summer :)

RE: On tour ? | from RebekahJan 01 2008 - 13:48

any plans to come to Denver?

RE: On tour ? | from jeffDec 31 2007 - 12:35

ill post all the confirmed shows in a couple of days :)

RE: On tour ? | from DobyDec 19 2007 - 19:10

I second the "Kansas City" from earlier, or Lawrence, KS. If Jeff and co. are interested, i can help out with contacts in both of these areas, of course I'm not sure what types of venues are being taken into consideration, but i have remote to good contact with a lot of ranges in venue size/ type. I also am very good friends with the owner of a long lasting venue in St. Louis if any interest is heading there. There's a lot of younger people finding interest in Idaho around the KC/ Lawrence area lately.

RE: On tour ? | from sebbydeeDec 19 2007 - 04:17

Hi Dan
here are the confirmed dates for belgium and France. i don't know for the uk and the rest of europe though.
so far i plan to attend both belgian dates and the one in Roubaix. 3 dates at less than 100 kms !! happy !
08/02/08 - ROUEN / Emporium
09/02/08 - DISKMUIDE / 4AD
10/02/08 - BRUXELLES / Botanique
21/02/08 - ROUBAIX / La Condition Publique
22/02/08 - PARIS / La Maroquinerie (avec Le Loup)
23/02/08 - BELFORT / Generiq
26/02/08 - POITIERS / Confort Moderne
27/02/08 - LYON / Le Sirius
28/02/08 - GRENOBLE / Le Ciel

RE: On tour ? | from Dan TDec 19 2007 - 02:36

...can someone post a list of dates confirmed so far ? Cheers :-)

RE: On tour ? | from SakuDec 18 2007 - 06:35

I sent an email to an agency here in Finland and informed them of the Idaho tour. They've organized loads of indie bands (Of Montreal, Deerhoof, Kinski etc.) to come here this past year and I got a positive response from the promoter. I guess realistically the only way this can happen is if Idaho goes to Sweden also.

RE: On tour ? | from AlexDec 17 2007 - 13:24

Please, please do a London UK date. Please.

RE: On tour ? | from John DoeDec 03 2007 - 00:50

ZURICH please!!

RE: On tour ? | from jeffDec 01 2007 - 23:06

im the last to know about this things :)
cant wait !!

RE: On tour ? | from sebbydeeNov 29 2007 - 09:09

wow !! just saw you're playing in Diskmuide 4ad on Feb, 9 !!
that's one of my fav' venue in Belgium. can't wait to see you there (and the day after in Bruxelles !!)

RE: On tour ? | from issNov 24 2007 - 01:44

If you would come to Poland please contact us.

We really would see/hear you here :)

RE: On tour ? | from DamienNov 21 2007 - 14:04

Hi !

Just see you'll play in France "La Maroquinerie" (Paris) on february 22 !?

Great !!!!!

I'm waiting for you guys !

Bordeaux, Bourgogne or Cotes du Rhone ? Chose your "drug", and i'll bring you the best one;-) (or beer if you don't drink wine; up to you).

See ya !

RE: On tour ? | from joe tunmerNov 18 2007 - 16:41

hey jeff.

don't know if you saw a previous posting, but there are some promoters in brighton, england called the gilded palace of sin who would put you on in a hot minute. you have to come and play in the uk, if at all possible.



RE: On tour ? | from jeffNov 17 2007 - 11:39

if we play in erlangen....im pretty sure we'll play in hamburg as well :) where looking into sweden again and maybe even the UK now.

RE: On tour ? | from KernNov 17 2007 - 04:32

I lived near Erlangen last year. now I live in Hamburg.

if you want I can ask around who to contact for a show here. unfortunately I have neither the experience nor the money to set sth up

RE: On tour ? | from jeffNov 14 2007 - 00:00

cant mention anything until they are confirmed
brussels, paris,erlangen germany and maybe bologne....shit how do you spell that? are the only 3 that are real (ish)so far. should know more and more in the next couple of weeks. i promise to post this stuff when its firm :)

RE: On tour ? | from John DoeNov 13 2007 - 09:25

they are leaks in the tour dates. it's hard to wait.
say something please..

RE: On tour ? | from BMNov 08 2007 - 05:23

Please please please come back to Scotland! Its been 14 years and we miss you.

RE: On tour ? | from jeffNov 07 2007 - 12:46

its in the works.

RE: On tour ? | from johnNov 05 2007 - 14:00

chicago, please.

RE: On tour ? | from katerinaNov 05 2007 - 11:10

and prague, possibly?

RE: On tour ? | from jenOct 24 2007 - 07:29

any chance you'll play in Poland?

RE: On tour ? | from DamienOct 18 2007 - 01:07

Hi Jeff !

Big thanx for your music (my best friend for my travels... in train and in dreams...).

News for the shows(s) announced in France ?

Hope to see you soon in Paris.
Send me a mail, and we will drink a good bottle of wine together.

See ya !

RE: On tour ? | from RogerOct 17 2007 - 05:22

If you really are interested in playing in Sweden (Stockholm) I don't see the problem in fixing it. It all depends on the venue and the money (and of course your schedule and a 1000 other stuff). I've seen big bands play at a small but cool venue called Landet (www.landet.nu) and there is a big chance you can hook up Fritzs Corner (www.fritzscorner.nu), they always have good bands. I've playing at both places a couple of times and could give you some directions who to talk to, can't promise anything though. But it's worth a try.

RE: On tour ? | from jeffOct 16 2007 - 12:22

last i heard our booking agent was not recieveing much interest from venues in sweden:(

RE: On tour ? | from jonathanOct 16 2007 - 10:34


RE: On tour ? | from jeffOct 14 2007 - 09:22

there will definately be a few shows in switzerland.....

RE: On tour ? | from fannyOct 14 2007 - 04:00

hopefully you will travel through switzerland: please dont' forget to stop !

RE: On tour ? | from AliOct 10 2007 - 09:03

Please come back to england!

RE: On tour ? | from jeffOct 07 2007 - 10:15

getting really close to having a rough schedule....i really cant post dates until they are confirmed however.....i would say that in november the shows will start firming up.

RE: On tour ? | from John DoeOct 03 2007 - 12:12

any dates and locations for the europe 08 tour yet??

RE: On tour ? | from henrikSep 30 2007 - 12:36

...just a friendly nudge to get you to come to Sweden. Please.

RE: On tour ? | from Mark CrockerSep 29 2007 - 02:54

Hi Jeff please, please, please come to Spain again. At the gig in Malaga you informed me that you were treated like rock stars in Seville, athough 3 hours drive from Malaga I would gladly make the journey. There is a music shop (best store in the world) there called FNAC and it holds small concerts within there stores, you would be ideal for this type of promotion, the staff and clients would love you. There is also one in Marbella so if you want to play Malaga again I could try and sort out a promo event for you. By the way there are free meals for you at Santiagos and a bed for the night if need be. Play Spain please.

RE: On tour ? | from jeffAug 10 2007 - 08:15

first europe.....than we'll conquer the west!

RE: On tour ? | from Mike MyersAug 08 2007 - 13:10


RE: On tour ? | from brianAug 01 2007 - 23:03

Another vote for Seattle!!!!

RE: On tour ? | from RFJul 15 2007 - 20:52

every time someone mentions idaho playing in canada... i get the feelling of a knife being driven in my heart... one day in the future the boards will be wide open... hope your both well... i'll have to come to a US date.....


RE: On tour ? | from PeterJul 12 2007 - 17:09

any hope for Seattle? take care! you the man!

RE: On tour ? | from robJul 10 2007 - 00:12

that'd be amazing! i've wanted to see idaho since I first heard hearts of palm years ago. after listening to every idaho album i can find, it's still my favorite.

RE: On tour ? | from jeffJul 06 2007 - 12:21

i miss playing in boston..... early '08 should work out

RE: On tour ? | from robJul 05 2007 - 13:53

and of course a boston gig... I've been dying to hear you guys for years!

RE: On tour ? | from jeffApr 20 2007 - 12:38

a european tour is in the early planning stages now :) most likely for december '07

RE: On tour ? | from John DoeApr 20 2007 - 12:37

RE: On tour ? | from KernApr 20 2007 - 04:31

just wanted to remind you that the laste Germany dates will also be 3 years ago this fall.

RE: On tour ? | from Steve WallerApr 16 2007 - 16:38

Please god tell me you're coming to the UK! :)


RE: On tour ? | from steve wilsonApr 15 2007 - 08:54

Don't forget Canada, Toronto to be precise. Hopefully the border will no longer be a problem.

RE: On tour ? | from JR OlssonApr 15 2007 - 02:47

And Sweden thank you...

RE: On tour ? | from jeffApr 13 2007 - 08:46

look for idaho in france this fall...more details to come :)

it's hard to wait | from GuillaumeApr 11 2007 - 05:19

Hi, Jeff

Listening to your last album, I would really like to know if there is any tour planned in Europe (and especially in France) for the next months.
I read you were already working on a new album, so, no live sessions for "The Lone Gunman" ?
We're a wild bunch of french people desperatly waiting for a gig...
I saw you played in a french festival called "c'est dans la vallée" a few years ago. No new opportunities in this way ?

Thanks a lot for your poetry

Guillaume from Paris

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