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RE: Packing for Canada | from CodreanuSep 15 2005 - 14:19

Diet pills?! At least the quality of adverts are improving. We'll have reached the summum bonum of spammed eminence when the "male enhancement" blurbs begin to appear.

RE: Packing for Canada | from susan331Sep 13 2005 - 15:19

Hey, that guy's a little over an hour south of me! How convenient. *giggling devilishly*

RE: Packing for Canada | from RandolphSep 13 2005 - 13:13


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RE: Packing for Canada | from susan331Sep 07 2005 - 14:03

*bangs head against keyboard*

RE: Packing for Canada | from IdahoAug 26 2005 - 01:37

and possibly prosthetics...

RE: Packing for Canada | from JBAug 26 2005 - 01:35

The next asshole who posts garbage about poker is an unbathed cretin who, as Joe pointed out, will need a dentist

RE: Packing for Canada | from Glass JoeAug 24 2005 - 02:44

You may find it interesting to take a look at some relevant dentists about tooth replacement therapy. I'm going to knock your teeth out.

RE: Packing for Canada | from thighboneAug 22 2005 - 19:23

i doubt it, not unless you can retrofit a new shin with a theremin, then i might let you in.

RE: Packing for Canada | from edAug 17 2005 - 15:40

Cheney/Satan '08

RE: Packing for Canada | from Compulsive Link ClickerAug 17 2005 - 14:10

No, thank you!

RE: Packing for Canada | from Spamsy McAssholeAug 09 2005 - 16:10

Die now.

RE: Packing for Canada | from HefFeNov 07 2004 - 05:54

Good riddance Biotches!!!! Say hello to Glass Tiger, Brian Adams and the Barebaked Ladies for me.



RE: Packing for Canada | from ronNov 04 2004 - 08:38

one of my old roommates is a throwing coach. he made the olympic trials, but didn't make the team. anyways, he showed me this documentary on arnold back when he was competing for the Mr. Universe or whatever it is. this movie just blew my mind. some of the shit that guy said is unbelievable. things like, "i feel like i'm cumming on stage when i flex out. i'm cumming in the weight room, i'm cumming at home when i have sex with women and i'm cumming stage..." i wonder if he'll soon be cumming in the white house.

RE: Packing for Canada | from ChrisNov 04 2004 - 06:25

Brian -

If you think Schwarzenegger and his trolls are above trying to amend the Constitution -- well, you need to think again.

I guarantee you there are operatives from Kah-Lee-Phonya gaming the various ways that this could occur. If you get wind of a quiet campaign to ditch a certain amendment as "old hat" and "no longer necessary in a global economy," I hope you'll recognize what's up.

There will be a monumental sturggle over an Arnold campaign, though. But it won't be about his birthplace; it'll be over his carefully crafted "moderation." The right wing will not/cannot tolerate California Republicans' ideas about co-opting huge swaths of moderate voters. After all, "those people" know and embrace gays, and can even imagine giving them certain inalienable rights! That, in and of itself, is a dealbreaker. So, Schwarzenegger will have to deal with charges of being a girly man on that and a hundred other social issues. Not to mention, he's Hollywood. They hate that. (Ask a religious rightie about Reagan's days as an actor, and he'll make a sour face and proclaim ol' Dutch as "temporarily lost," or "learning the enemy's ways." Considering Reagan's many subversions in his radio days, it seems the latter is a likely explanation.)

To the hard right (now the dominant right), the U.S. Constitution is an old piece of paper. Compared to the Bible, it's a scattering of ashes. They will manipulate it, ignore it, turn it inside out in order to achieve their self-reflective aims. All of this because they believe it's good medicine for the whole country, after too many years of intolerable tolerance.

But, if they see Schwarzenegger working on an amendment that would trigger his candidacy, they may well decide to preserve and protect our founding document.

That will be a glorious day for us liberals, because it demonstrates with finality that conservative hypocrisy knows no bounds.

RE: Packing for Canada | from jeremyNov 04 2004 - 05:33

And, at a special summit in 2010, President Schwartzenegger, representing the US and Christianity, will negotiate a peace with the representative of the Islamic world...Cat Stevens. Remember, you heard it here first.

RE: Packing for Canada | from RipNov 03 2004 - 20:24

Just wait until 08 when Hilary runs......the GOP will win with a record vote count.

RE: Packing for Canada | from the real canuckNov 03 2004 - 14:22

to 'canuck' a few posts back:

please pick another name; i've been using 'canuck' on this board for a few years now

i agree that america is in rough shape and after the last 4 years, how could people down there possibly vote for another 4 years of bush & co. looting the country and the rest of the world for the benefit of themselves, their friends and family, and pushing the u.s. towards becoming a totalitarian military state. how much worse could a kerry administration be than this bush regime?

the only explanation I can come up with is mass ignorance and deception (which is entirely plausible based on the state of mainstream american media organizations) or vote fraud (which is entirely plausible given the 2000 fiasco, and craziness such as the CEO of Diebold – voting machine makers - publicly stating that he was "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president" see http://www.commondreams.org/headlines03/0828-08.htm )

speaking as a non-american, at least kerry has a bit more of an appreciation and understanding of the world beyond the u.s. borders. The real problem down there is the complete corruption of the political system and the lack of real alternatives. republicans – democrats it would make no difference; they’re both under the control of the rich elite, big business and the military industrial complex upon which the u.s. economy is built.

people who voted for bush don't deserve to die, they just need to be educated (as do people who voted for kerry – you might as well have all voted for nader; it would have at least sent a message). as for those who know the whole truth about bush & co. and still choose to vote for him let god judge them accordingly.

unfortunately it seems things down there will have to get a lot worse before they can get better. till then, Canada (or somewhere else further away) would provide a less oppresive environment. a good response to the election results is here: http://teachingtheindiekidstodanceagain.blogspot.com/

RE: Packing for Canada | from brianNov 03 2004 - 14:09


RE: Packing for Canada | from Alex NiedtNov 03 2004 - 13:38

This is a fucking tragedy. I mean, I know there are a lot of stupid people in America, but come on.

RE: Packing for Canada | from ChrisNov 03 2004 - 12:54

Brian -

Cheney in '08 is not in the cards. You can look for people like Bill Frist, Schwarzenegger, or people from inside the Bush administration to go for the nomination. There is no clear frontrunner. There won't be until relatively late in '06 because of the races that year and the perspective on the second Bush term that that crucial year will afford.

In that sense, the Republicans have worse problems than the Democrats have, because the litmus test the neocons have established will be tough for decent candidates to hew to. Look for cracks to start appearing in the edifice -- especially among West coast moderate Republicans and Bible thumpers from the South. The "big tent" is a big lie. Only operationally do these folks work together.

Who would you guys like to see get the Dem nomination for '08?

RE: Packing for Canada | from ronNov 03 2004 - 11:29

chris, good points. it's nice to hear that there are still some minor shades of brightness in this day. it's funny, while driving home yesterday (before i voted) i drove this crazy storm. it was like the clouds were only 20 feet from the ground... and it was so dark. right then and there i got a bad feeling about the election... and that was proven at about noon today (EST). but you're right: the dems need to get some fresh hope in the running. much like we all need that new IDAHO release.

RE: Packing for Canada | from mustafaNov 03 2004 - 11:12

I'm voting for an idaho release sooner rather than later to help us weather this storm...The .mp3s from The Days are certainly helping!

RE: Packing for Canada | from CNN NewsdeskNov 03 2004 - 10:50

... please check our Spring 05 line-up, including :

Iran 05 : Back in business.

RE: Packing for Canada | from brianNov 03 2004 - 10:42

the only mention of politics i'll make here is a scary one.

RE: Packing for Canada | from cNov 03 2004 - 10:37

...and by the way Susan, I'd follow you ANYWHERE you decided to move.

RE: Packing for Canada | from cNov 03 2004 - 10:36

It's funny, I was fantasizing about moving to Canada this morning, and then I come across this thread.

I personally know many registered Republicans - family, friends, co-workers - and not even any of them voted for Bush. They all voted Kerry. And yet as a nation we've re-elected Bush. We're fucking idiots.

RE: Packing for Canada | from ChrisNov 03 2004 - 10:26

It's dark, but not as dark as when Reagan got in. Consider this: That supreme asshole started the mess we're in now: Repudiate from within; never trust the democratic process; spend recklessly; marginalize the loyal opposition.

Bush is just refining Reagan's approach. And ramping it up for the long term.

But: He's now a second-term loser. He will screw up worse than before -- look at the track record so far! -- so that even his blind and lame base sees it. And the rest of the country -- the great "undecided" -- will not like the reaction.

Gather your strength for '08. The Dems have a lot of work to do, a lot of changes to enact. For example: The next nominee CANNOT come from the tight circle that either ran or thought about it in '04. No Hillary, no Dean, no Edwards. Those are used cars, and now they're traded in for scrap.

Help the party look for new energy and ideas, new approaches for reaching out to those who still have the ability to listen but were reluctant Bushies. The Dems can no longer afford to write off the Dodge Ram vote. A dialog has to start NOW, because those people by birthright ought to be Democrats.

Show me a Republican who's hooting and hollering on this sad and bereft day, and I'll show you someone who will live to regret it. Could be tomorrow, next week, next year. Definitely in '08.

That's where the Reagan Ideal has to stop.

RE: Packing for Canada | from jeremyNov 03 2004 - 10:17

Any and all disaffected American liberals are certainly welcome up here in Canuckistan, where *liberal* isn't a dirty word (yet, anyway, despite the best efforts of the neo-con sluts). This country already was greatly enriched (IMHO)several decades ago by US draft dodgers, many of whom chose to stay even after they were granted amnesty back home. But at the same time we need you to stay in the States because if you leave then the foxes will have even greater freedom to run rampant in the henhouse.

RE: Packing for Canada | from oh fuckNov 03 2004 - 10:11

yes we are pretty well fucked arent we? the repukes now control the entire country. shortly the terrorist have there day too. what have we done?

RE: Packing for Canada | from ronNov 03 2004 - 09:58

i am ashamed to be an ohioian today. when will we learn from our mistakes? and i'd prefer mexico. if i'm moving, i want to move AWAY from the snow. plus i can get my hands on some cheap drugs down there... i mean... nothing.

RE: Packing for Canada | from canuckNov 03 2004 - 09:27

america is doomed. anyone who voted for Bush deserves to die. bottom line.

Who's with me? | from susan331 Nov 03 2004 - 09:17


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