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Red House Painters

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RE: Red House Painters | from ronNov 06 2004 - 09:40

yeah. he's a little hard to take sometimes, i think. i think it just shows how sort of uncomfortable he is with stuff. or maybe he is just kind of a rude guy. when i met him (and subsequently hung out with him) he was nice. but maybe that's because he was digging on my girlfriend's friend. (see: the story i posted here about the time i met and hung out with mark kozelek).

RE: Red House Painters | from JR OlssonNov 06 2004 - 07:03

i haven't been listening to rhp a lot lately. mark kozelek was kind of rude to the people in the audience when i saw him play with sun kil moon here in stockholm. it does matter to me if the artist i admire is a prick. but of course i still think the first four rhp records are classic releases.

RE: Red House Painters | from michelNov 05 2004 - 11:30

i had a red house painter around this morning, he was lalalala-ing all the time so i left.

RE: Red House Painters | from Chris FNov 05 2004 - 08:43

Strawberry Hill has always been my favorite. Something about "It's our duty, to show him new life..."
I've seen RHP three times, and Mark solo I think 4 times. He's a dufus, always saying how bad he is, when all you want him to do is play. He also complains if someone takes a picture. Other great songs: Grace Cathedral Park, Medicine Bottle, Japanese to English, Drop, New Jersey (electric), Uncle Joe, Make Like Paper, Smokey, Sundays and Holdiays...

RE: Red House Painters | from AndrewOct 31 2004 - 00:10

I love all the early Red House Painters. The last couple albums and Sun Kil Moon suck and I don't really like his solo albums either.

RE: Red House Painters | from Seth HowardOct 27 2004 - 17:46

24, Over My Head, Make Like Paper, Between Days, Find Me Ruben Olivares

RE: Red House Painters | from micahOct 27 2004 - 10:47

1. grace cathedral park
2. revelation big sur
3. sundays and holidays
4. brockwell park
5. lord kill the pain
6. uncle joe
7. dragonflies
8. trailways
9. katy song
10. river

RE: Red House Painters | from Rob sOct 27 2004 - 06:35

Oops. That's funny. What's the difference? A friend of mine once said to Mark Kozelek (as a joke)"hey you're the lead singer from the red hot chilli peppers aren't you?". Kozelek then laughed.

RE: Red House Painters | from MatOct 26 2004 - 08:13

Hee.. I think any Kozelek LP is not a true Chilie Peppers album.

RE: Red House Painters | from Rob SOct 26 2004 - 03:10

Not at this message board.

Katy song. Uncle joe, Smokey (Eyes), Things mean alot, Michael, Brown Eyes, Grace cathdral park. Sundays and holidays. drop. moments.

I am also not a huge fan of songs from a blue guitar (it is really a Koz solo album and NOT a true RHCP album). Old Ramon is a little under par too.
Sun Kill Moon is a good return to form.

RE: Red House Painters | from MatOct 26 2004 - 02:48

Alex, C, Ron and Rip:

I think you guys are fantastic, some amazing choices there. So hard to find RHP fans.


RE: Red House Painters | from ronOct 25 2004 - 19:22

brown eyes is one of my favs, too. there's just so many to list...

RE: Red House Painters | from RipOct 25 2004 - 18:35

Brown Eyes, Medicine Bottle, Michael, Grace Cathedral Park......

RE: Red House Painters | from ronOct 25 2004 - 14:02

favorite records (in order)
01.) songs for a blue guitar
02.) ocean beach
03.) rollercoaster album
04.) old ramon
05.) bridge album
which one am i missing???

favorite songs
revelation big sur, katy song, brockwell park, moments, have you forgotten, rollercoaster, all the covers from SFBG, smokey?, river, etc.

fav SKM stuff is carry me ohio, duk koo kim, and the vinyl acoustic version of gentle moon. really amazing stuff.

RE: Red House Painters | from cOct 25 2004 - 10:07

I love the first 4 albums (especially the 2nd self-titled one, which is my favorite), but kozelek lost me after that. There are only 2 tracks on Old Ramon that I like ("river" and "void"), and Songs For A Blue Guitar does nothing for me.

I think the Sun Kil Moon record is fantastic, but not many others seem to feel the same way.

RE: Red House Painters | from Alex NiedtOct 25 2004 - 09:02

Yes, sir.

Fav LPs (a couple of ties)

1) Rollercoaster
2) Down Colorful Hill
2) Ocean Beach
3) Songs for a Blue Guitar
3) Bridge
4) Old Ramon

Fav Songs

1) Katy Song
2) Helicopter
3) Medicine Bottle
4) Funhouse
5) Drop
6) Grace Cathedral Park
7) Brockwell Park
8) Mistress (piano version)
9) Moments
10)Things Mean a Lot
11)Japanese to English
12)Down Through

Red House Painters | from MatOct 25 2004 - 05:39

Am a HUGE fan. What about you guys?
Fav songs and LP's?


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