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the band sucks

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RE: Name Change | from bkahunaOct 26 2004 - 21:07

Your only problem is that you still breathe

RE: Name Change | from AnnetteOct 26 2004 - 14:59

What? You guys don't like me? I have just had some problems lately thats all.

RE: Name Change | from dickOct 26 2004 - 11:34

Thanks Batman !

RE: Name Change | from batmanOct 26 2004 - 01:35

and I can help in this. just tell me where you are...

RE: Name Change | from dickOct 25 2004 - 18:15

The image I get of "Annette" is that of Divine from PINK FLAMINGOS....Ya know...it's all just spread out on the couch, hoisting twinkies in it's mouth.
So filled with useless venom from a life in vain, that it can't help but spew it's bile onto anything that it comes into contact with...which, unfortunately is this message board.
If you hate all of us "lame ass clowns" so much, why don't you just go away?
Stop posting.
Get on with your life...
OR, just end it.
Annette, wherever you are, I wish you a super speedy death so that you do not writhe too long in this agony...


RE: Name Change | from P. McD.Oct 25 2004 - 17:21

whoever you are, please:

RE: Name Change | from meOct 25 2004 - 01:07

that was your lamest post yet.

RE: Name Change | from annetteOct 24 2004 - 23:59

I'm very sorry for being such an asshole. hahahahaha

Sorry for not being "hear" for the last couple of days. I had an imaginary conference in Atlanta.
I was busy sucking nuts and ass.
All of you are still dumb as shit. I am living a horrible life.
You poor people should unite and form a band. Call it, Dumb People from Idaho. My budies are the queerest pillow biting dipshits? Fuck you I am for real. You will all fear me Have fun with it fuckers. Haaaaa!
Besides, who cares if I DO like chicks!!!

Fuck you lame-O's
I rule!!

RE: Name Change | from she did and i was himOct 24 2004 - 10:46

she's not that good in bed, you guys. that's why i left her.

RE: Name Change | from annette never had a boyfriendOct 24 2004 - 09:15

seriously that was post was lame and i do apologize. time to just ignore these people. i can only feel sorry for them. they'll never have a league of admirers whose hearts have been touched by their wonderful music. I say for every stupid post we respond with only positive affirmation for the BAND Idaho and how much we appreciate Jeff!

RE: Name Change | from annette's ex boyfriendOct 24 2004 - 09:10

annette - go ge laid or something already. and PLEASE stop calling!

RE: Name Change | from batmanOct 24 2004 - 01:09

OK. Where are you?

RE: Name Change | from Rob SOct 24 2004 - 01:06

Annette.. way too much time on your hands. BTW how long did it take you to post that and half way through did the gag seem old?

RE: Name Change | from AnnetteOct 24 2004 - 00:55

hay u gies!! your sew stewpid! Eyeduhoe iz dum bande frum caluhphornya. Eyeduhoe iz sew simpoll 4 stewpid peepel liek ewe 2 lissen two. bee-phiftee-tooz rool!!!! eye hav sew minnie digreease frum skool eyem uh loier Bcuz ime sow intelijint. Yoo peepoll kant spel write. Giv eyeduhoe it's naem beecuz ime uh 4um trole. eyem sew Dpressd Bcuz thiss iz wut eye dew oll dae. but ime stil ae loier hoo haz tunz ov deegreas sellseaus. sunnie width rane, sum clowdz, width partlee clowdee skyz 2marrowe. sum1 kil mee pleas.

RE: Name Change | from IronyOct 23 2004 - 23:38

"Your retarded."

"Your", Annette? Really? Your retarded what?

RE: Name Change | from annetteOct 23 2004 - 21:26

Fuck you, Me. You're just one of their ass clown wipe monkeys over there. I really could be someone if I felt like, but I don't and your just an ass wiping lacky for this pathetic excuse for a band. Your retarded.

RE: Name Change | from meOct 23 2004 - 19:15

this whole thing is retarded

RE: Name Change | from m2Oct 23 2004 - 18:36

oh yes, by all means. keep this going. it's still terribly funny. "Give must give back it's name." wow, man. that's a riot. funniest thread i think i have ever read. oh my goodness, my sides hurt from laughing so hard about this. and it's so clever, too. i mean, seriosuly. what a hoot.

the band sucks | from joe daddyOct 23 2004 - 17:52

Idaho? What? Being from California why the FUCK is ur name Idaho dipshits? Give the name back, ur state has already raped the Gem State enough.

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