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recent anti idaho postings from antichrist

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RE: pranksters/hecklers/derelicts | from me againOct 19 2004 - 19:20

CHENEY. They can't even spell their own candidate's name. I suppose that is why they identify so well with Bush. Just as cozy as two morons in a hummer.

RE: pranksters/hecklers/derelicts | from m2Oct 18 2004 - 15:26

Sorry christian/laura/john paul. I just realized that I was being an ass and not having any fun. what you guys are doing is kinda funny and it has a good cause. Keep it up. if you try long enough, you will bring down these californian commi's.
And remember, Bush Chenney '04!!!!

RE: pranksters/hecklers/derelicts | from John PaulOct 18 2004 - 08:30

Just joking suckers. For the record I am not Laura. Sorry but I had to do it. My name is John Paul Frank and I hail from Preston, Idaho. You know, where that Napolean Dynamite movie was filmed. Anyway I am really gay and funny apparently. On the reals, suck it trebec and give Idaho back its name. I love all of you.

RE: pranksters/hecklers/derelicts | from m2Oct 18 2004 - 06:29

RE: pranksters/hecklers/derelicts | from LauraOct 18 2004 - 03:29

For the record, I'm am not Christian but just one of his friends. I'm glad to see that you've taken the time to analyze the psyche of Christian, but you've wasted your time.The heckling that you speak of was a by-product of late night boredom combined with some junior high humor. I wasn't expecting everyone to get so cranky about the whole thing and if you had taken the time to settle down, one could clearly see that this was just a joke- a very unfunny joke albeit, but a joke none-the-less. Besides at least it gave this otherwise dead forum a little livliness for about 10 minutes.
I have to admit that I've never even listened to the "Idaho" band, so if anyone was personally offended you can take comfort in that fact.
And with that, I bid you Idaho fans a farewell.


recent anti idaho postings from antichrist | from La lloronaOct 17 2004 - 19:45

The prankster who's posting the absurd and unfounded disdain for the "Idaho" project is really one person posting under different monikers... He was "Christian" until "a christian" posted protesting his name. Now it'll be whatever fancies him...poor guy... We must have compassion towards him (her?), here's why:

As humans we are wired with a basic need; to make a difference, leave a legacy, make the world a better place. But for different reasons this need can become distorted. Perhaps this person experienced some childhood trauma that curdled his/her self esteem, or simply lacks direction or vision for their life. He/She then becomes bitter and lashes out with the unchanneled energy. They discover that one of the quickest and effective ways he/she can affect people is to cause a stir and rouse emotions--piss people off. What this person is actually after is exactly what we've been giving him: Angry responses.

I still consider myself to be a misanthrope and maintain my californian right to feel fed up with them folks from Nebraska, New York etc. driving up our real estate, cloggin our freeways and so forth, but its difficult even for me to believe anyone would be naive enough to post such things as homeboy and seriously expect the music makers to change their name or drive any californian expatriates out of Idaho proper. Its just silly.

Jeff, no worries... We all know you are an extremely talented individual who has successfully made your mark and hence made many lives more wonderful by infusing them with timeless beauty...

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