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this crazy flukin world

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RE: question for Mr. Martin | from mandasorousOct 18 2004 - 15:13

Listen you neo-hippie poops, being a native idahoan and someone who has a sincere appreciation for cock, i am disgusted by the notion that a bunch of Californians are being so lame. Have some respect, and for God's sake, just change your name.....to like, "you da pimp "or some shit,,,im SO angry

RE: question for Mr. Martin | from brianOct 18 2004 - 09:06

jeff, i emailed you this morning. i can wait for you to get a track to me, and i'm pretty sure everyone else wouldn't mind waiting a little longer to have IDAHO included.

RE: question for Mr. Martin | from AndrewOct 18 2004 - 00:00

See the thread 'Something Must Break'. It's pretty near the top.

RE: question for Mr. Martin | from jeffOct 17 2004 - 23:35

brian needs to tell me when he needs a track for SMB.....i think i can dig up somethin' bitchin from the new repertoire......

RE: question for Mr. Martin | from douglasdelucaSep 16 2004 - 15:56

that is really funny yall. i honestly don't know who unowho is? if you know about 'dwango burgers" than you must be somewhat close. we must be friends. who are you? tell me so we can go pick up some dwango burgers and airplane glue from jimmy and donny lawler's prime grade a beef haus. reveal yourself. donny dwango

RE: question for Mr. Martin | from yargleSep 16 2004 - 10:34

Yes, I agree. I am you; you am I. I'm being sucked into Doug Deluca's pussy.

RE: question for Mr. Martin | from UNOWHOSep 16 2004 - 01:18

Dougie, thank god, I just wanted to thank you for all those rainy nights when I've sat around naked with a tube of airplane GLUE reading and re-reading your immortal utterances:

the pussy pulls you in. the pussy gives us birth physically and then again spiritually like how your soul was born through "god's" pussy.... also. woman. the delicate feminie energy. the more sensitive. refined. gentle. i hear it in that song. gentle men can become gentler men learn from the woman. .... this is your humble reminder to look more closely to the signs set in front of your eyes... reading this right now. this is strange and kinda funny. you might think who is this dumbass? who does he think he is. he is just trying to get attention. WAKE UP "god isn't finished with you yet" do you understand. relax dude. go take a piss. take a long shit. detox from the evil surrounding and tempting us in this painfully beautiful world. as we watch are mortal bodies die. find comfort. i love you. but it is time to lift the rug again. sweep out from underneath. take a deep breath. let this beauty in the music heal your tired soul. . crossing paths through this crazy crazy network. i see you dude i am you are me. soak up the beauty. re- present it in a musical way..."

Yeah, we're all REALLY psyched about the 8 "records". Any plans to tour the Far east?

this crazy flukin world | from douglasdelucaSep 15 2004 - 23:17

Hey Jeff, i posted a link to your website from mine www.douglasdeluca.com if that is okay with ya? i put ten songs up for download across the 8 albums available if there is interest.i look forward to being on the "something must break" compilation with you. all thanks to the dear Brian Carter for that one if it all goes well. blessing upon Us. ddeluca

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