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RE: Greetings from Sweden | from Allt är musik, SverigeOct 07 2005 - 05:03

Yes, I love Idaho too. Come to Sweden please. And put something NEW on the news page for God´s sake!

Hello! | from MarkoAug 23 2004 - 08:30

Greets folks.

I am not that new to the site itself. Just haven't posted anything on it til now.

I've been listening to Idaho and eagerly following their releases since I heard them the first time in '98 (or so). I think it's a music of it's own kind. Jeff has really caught the essence of what good music is. Wish they'd drop by Sweden next time they feel crazy and come to europe some day.

I always try to look for new musical gems through friends, sites, message boards and what not. Recently I've come across a fantastik online record store that only sells CDs that the musician himself and not the distributor has sent them. Site is called CD Baby. I noticed taht even Mark Kozelek has his solo records there for sale and a lot of Idaho comparisions on some artists. Should be something for Idaho to check out aswell maybe?

Either way, it's a great site to find new bands/artists. They update the site daily.


well, take it easy folks :)

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