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Codename: Dustsucker

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RE: Bark Psychosis | from David T.Aug 20 2004 - 15:45

I thought it was a good cd. Different from the 1st one but good.

RE: Bark Psychosis | from AndrewAug 19 2004 - 22:43

Now you've got me interested and I'm gonna have to buy both cd's.

RE: Bark Psychosis | from Alex NiedtAug 18 2004 - 07:46

Not at all impressed with this new album. Actually, I'm pretty disappointed. Their first album sounds more current and creative than this one, which is ridiculous considering the ten-year difference. It seriously took that freakin' long to come up with this?

At least the singer can sing more in tune now. The out-of-tune vocals were the only thing that constantly bothered me on "Hex." That and the out-of-tune trumpet solo in the 2nd(?) song. Which reminds me, you'd thing they would have learned how to tune their guitars by now...

RE: Bark Psychosis | from cgdkJul 26 2004 - 20:18

Good to know. He's a favorite of mine.

RE: Bark Psychosis | from micahJul 26 2004 - 14:54

P.S. Lee Harris, former drummer for Talk Talk, drums on the new BP album. Just thought I'd mention it since there seem to be a lot of Talk Talk fans around here.

RE: Bark Psychosis | from micahJul 26 2004 - 14:53

Don't you mean the HEX LP? Or is there a release I'm not aware of? Anyway, the only one still in the band from ten years ago is founding member Graham Sutton. The others split, more or less, right after the recording of HEX.
Sutton went on to do bass & drum project Boymerang. Then in 1999 started work on the new Bark Psychosis album, which is now out in the UK as well as the US. And it's fantastic in my opinion.

RE: Bark Psychosis | from AlexJul 24 2004 - 09:14

I have the HEX E.P. good stuff, I'd be interested in hearing more from this band, has the lineup changed at all?

RE: Bark Psychosis | from micahJul 19 2004 - 06:41

it's out at my local independent record store, but if you can't find it locally, try online at darla or tonevendor.

RE: Bark Psychosis | from Alex NiedtJul 18 2004 - 21:41

Where is it available stateside? I certainly can't find it anywhere.

Codename: Dustsucker | from micahJul 18 2004 - 21:14

this album is released in the uk on the 26th, but it's out stateside now. what do you all think? I'm enjoying it.

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