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is this a viable option?

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RE: government grants? | from ronJul 18 2004 - 15:24

yeah, that's a much more viable option. the way i see it, there's millions of dollars set aside each year for artists to accept. fuck it. i'm not too proud to get some of my own money back.

RE: government grants? | from HeffEJul 17 2004 - 18:07

Fuck government grants...rob a bank.

RE: government grants? | from ronJul 17 2004 - 16:57

technically it doesn't have to be the government. i know that they are just one entity that does grants for the arts... which is why i made the post... to see if anyone else knows of any other entities.

RE: government grants? | from Caroline who likes to talk about herself and also eats lots of oreosJul 17 2004 - 13:52

the government gives grants for the arts!? WHATT the government is the anti-art! in other news: a couple days ago someone told me that "hispanic" and "homosexual" are words made up by the government. cool huh

is this a viable option? | from ronJul 17 2004 - 08:52

does anyone out there know about receiving government grants for "the arts?" my band recently had a sort of contract dispute (thank God before we signed) with a potential investor. so now we're pretty much f*cked. we're looking into government grants and possibly selling some body organs. if you don't want to jam up the board with this, feel free to email me.

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