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Growing list of 'slowcore' artists

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RE: Growing list of 'slowcore' artists | from CodreanuJul 07 2004 - 20:32

Mike Johnson "sadcore?" whoever believes this I would like to sell them my erm...Mike Johnson cd. Cross My Heart and Kind of Like Spitting seem too unduly emo to be designated sadcore; though it bears mentioning that a friend of an old friend of mine who once lived with KOLS's Ben Barnett described him thus: "The most morbidly depressed young man imaginable," if memory serves correctly. It seems that many of these bands are sadcore only as a secondary or tertiary genre. What I find most interesting is that they removed the sadcore moniker from Carissa's Wierd, whose album "Songs About Leaving" I regard as an exempler of the genre. Incidently, Jenn Ghetto -CW's female moiety- performing as "S" is set to release a new album titled "Puking and Crying" in, I think, September.

RE: Growing list of 'slowcore' artists | from JeanJul 07 2004 - 15:30

Very nice Andrew. Muchas Gracias!

RE: Growing list of 'slowcore' artists | from ckJul 07 2004 - 12:04

I like quite a few of the bands, but it's hard to trust a site that lists The Bee Gees as psychedelic/garage. It does make me wonder if "Stayin' Alive" is psychedelic or garage.

RE: Growing list of 'slowcore' artists | from Alex NiedtJul 07 2004 - 11:44

Hmmm...I thought I'd be excited, but I don't really care. Other than my favorites in the genre (Idaho, SWS, AMC, RHP), I'm really getting tired of the whole thing.

Growing list of 'slowcore' artists | from AndrewJul 07 2004 - 10:19

http://www.allmusic.com has updated their sadcore and slowcore style pages. I've never heard of most of the bands but some of them seem to be worth checking out.

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