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american analog set

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RE: american analog set | from andiJul 07 2004 - 05:54

i remember seeing them live in club2/munich about three years ago. they must have had around 50°C on stage. the drummer was close to passing out all the time.
40° in the audience and it was packed, so we basically were busy staying alive half of the time. but still, what a great show.

RE: american analog set | from JR OlssonJul 06 2004 - 01:55

yup. punk as fuck is the first song on 'know by heart'. choir vandals is another great tune on that cd.

RE: american analog set | from ronJul 05 2004 - 08:11

one of my fav songs is "the only living boy around." something about the simplicity of it that makes it easy to listen to, but i never seem to tire of it. good stuff.

RE: american analog set | from andiJul 05 2004 - 02:59

is it the one that starts out with "punk as fuck"? that's a great tune...

RE: american analog set | from JR OlssonJun 30 2004 - 14:53

best albumstarter in my opinion would be 'know by heart'. it's their best album.

RE: Owen | from OllieJun 18 2004 - 11:47

Has anyone heard the new Owen ep (Mike Kinsella)? Doesn't seem like anyone has mentioned him on the current listening topic. Curious to hear your thoughts.

RE: american analog set | from mustafaJun 17 2004 - 05:48

Personally, I think every album could be a starter album, since there are no significant differences among them. Once you hear one, you'll want to hear the rest. The album that got me hooked was Promise of Love.

Be sure to check out their website: www.amanset.com , where they periodically have songs to download.

RE: american analog set | from OliverJun 16 2004 - 11:45

What's their best starter album?

RE: american analog set | from mustafaJun 14 2004 - 08:09

One of my favorites. I, too, had the pleasure of seeing them live on the US tour prior to their trip across the pond. They were simply magical. The vibes add so much depth and atmosphere.

In a related note, I saw them play with Pinback, who, prior to seeing them perform, I liked a great deal. However, seeing them on the stage really didn't do much for my opinion of them. They were certainly technically adept, but missing the connectivity of emotion that amanset has. Perhaps my opinion would be diferent if I had not seen amanset play before them...

american analog set | from JR OlssonJun 13 2004 - 16:22

i just got home from a liveshow with american analog set. i don't think i have ever seen anything as good live before. they were hypnotic, i was in trance.

VERY few in the audience. maybe 30-40 ppl. i wonder how they can be that unknown in sweden. what do you guys think of them?

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