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RE: giardini di miro, etc. | from Count KrapulaMay 14 2004 - 12:52

Gee, what an imagination.

Still, you guessed correctly.

Love, CK

RE: giardini di miro, etc. | from ckMay 14 2004 - 11:00

Dear Anonymous,

You're right. I don't know what came over me. Can you ever forgive me? Do you think there's a chance we can still be friends? Not just message board friends but a real friendship of sharing thoughts and feelings.

By the way, I'm curious: When you and your other real friends get together for vampire role play on Saturday nights, which character are you? I'll bet he's very, very powerful.


RE: giardini di miro, etc. | from the anonymous ckMay 14 2004 - 09:38

Everybody else in the world could love the album, and you could still hate it.


RE: giardini di miro, etc. | from ckMay 14 2004 - 08:10

Let me rephrase: Can anyone offer an intelligent opinion instead of an anonymous snipe? I'd rather not waste fifteen bucks on a cd with one good song and a bunch of filler.

RE: giardini di miro, etc. | from The Grand Fashion OverlordMay 14 2004 - 05:54

Go, my child.

I grant thee permission to like these bands.


seeking opinions | from ckMay 14 2004 - 05:27

Can anyone offer an opinion about giardini di miro and/or asobi seksu and/or raising the fawn. I've heard one song from each band and liked all three quite a bit.

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