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RE: Morrissey | from CodreanuJul 18 2004 - 17:05

The Smiths' "Thank Your Lucky Stars," hands-down the greatest Smiths bootleg, is again available for download at:


Oh, how the mighty have fallen...

RE: Morrissey | from littlegreenmanMay 29 2004 - 03:11

Morrisey was an interesting specimen. Had a huge cerebellum, but little scrotum. Many ills but no balls.
Shame. He might have bred, might have nade more little Morriseys to infest the planet with his melancholy defeatism. THEN WE WOULD HAVE TAKEN YOU ALL EASILY. Sadly, we misjudged and you cranky, dumb humans keep buying this 'pop' music. we can't emulate it, can't find a depth to plumb to reach your masses. But, one day we will., one day we'll bust a cap in your asses.
Fucking tired of hearing Glen Miller. you been beaming that shit out for so long, half the fucking galaxy's heard it, and kiddoes, they are fucking pissed.
Thing is, they don't know the half. they still gott ahear Boston and Bolton and Heart and Spice Girls and Ricky Martin. Threy got off light.
So far.
Just you wait. Just wait till they get a load of that, then you lot are fucking cosmic salami.

RE: Morrissey | from Rob sMay 03 2004 - 16:36

I think that Vauxhall & I is great.
there's no real poor song on that. the 2 albums that came after weren't much chop though.
I saw him about 2 years ago live and was really impressed. It made me sad that I never got the chance to see the SMITHS .

RE: Morrissey | from Seth HowardMay 03 2004 - 10:33

I saw Morrissey on the "Your Arsenal" tour and was pretty impressed. I like "Viva Hate", and the stuff on "Bona Drag" but he's definitely put out some clunkers in more recent years.

RE: Morrissey | from ChrisMay 03 2004 - 07:35

Again, I totally disagree. Give the mozzer a break...Irish Blood... is made for the radio- you're looking at a guy who has been struggling to get a record deal for seven years. Call it sell out, call it what you will, it's not much different from anything he has done since the smiths...At least it receives airplay, and I don't think it's overproduced, as you insinuate. As I remember it, Suedehead opens with a guitar riff, a crescendo in fact, and ends up with the lyrics- "it was a good lay"...the irony not lost, which is part of the lyrical genius. And "of little substance"? You make it sound like you were reviewing 98 Degrees. Part of Morrissey's cleverness is in his own contradictory statements, which he's been doing since 1983. Cod, I suggest you listen again...and start with Viva Hate. I will make a judement call after next Saturday, when I see him at the Apollo. And please, write to express, not to impress.

RE: Morrissey | from AndrewMay 02 2004 - 21:23

Well put. It is indeed a sad time for the 80's, although I never much cared for Morrissey in the first place. The Smiths did some lovely things though.

Morrissey | from CodreanuMay 02 2004 - 20:27

I have decided to end my self-imposed exile from this board. I trust that any sane individual could differentiate my posts from the fake-Codreanu's; who, doubtless, also masquarades as the fake-Alex Niedt, Alex Neet etc. (Vide the last fake-Codreanu post as confirmation).

Is anyone else here disheartened by Morrissey's new material? His "comeback single" Irish Blood, English Heart is irksome, to say the least. Musically, it is all BRASH with little substance. A toe-tapper, if you are inclined to do that sort of thing. Listening to Moz spew defience over the rousing crescendo, I was fully expecting it to conclude with some flamboyantly weltering cock-rock solo; mercifully, it concluded after a scant two and a half minutes. Lyrically, he declaims a sort of anemic patriotism, tantalizingly incoherent (like most of his core beliefs, it seems), a far cry from his nationalistic flirtation during the early '90's. Perhaps the worst part, to share the lament of a (once) great singer, "It say's nothing to me about my life!"; and perhaps even less to the deracinated britons to whom it is addressed. The single includes three b-sides, two of which are quite remarkable, harkening back to his early material. Munich Air Disaster 1958 could be snugly engrooved within 'Viva Hate', and The Never Played Symphonies (a gem!) would grace any of the early singles.

As of yet, I have only listened to samples of the album 'You are the Quarry', and given a cursory glance at some of the lyrics; just enough to invoke those sour spangles of queasiness that prsage disappointment. To take the first track America is not the World (again political!) par exemple, an excerpt: "Land of opportunity/in a just and truthful way/But when the the president is never black, or female, or gay!/Not until that day/you've got nothing to say to me/to help me believe/Oh, in America/it brought you the hamburger/In America/you know where you can shove your hamburger/And dont you wonder/why in Estonia/they say "Hey you, you big fat pig!"" -This from someone who once famously quipped that he could never "forgive anyone a bad lyric". To further exemplify his new found cockiness (Pun intended) he laces several songs with profanity. To be sure, profanity, if used sparingly and with pertinence, can elevate the pathos of a song (a masterful example being SWS's Yuma); but there is never an excuse, even in jest, to use the word "pigshit" [The World is Full of Crashing Bores]. Well, maybe The Dead Milkmen could have gotten away with it; but seriously, who the hell cares for The Dead Milkmen?

After reading Alex's comments on The Cure's tonight show performance, I am afraid it might be time to begin gathering ashes and shearing sackcloth in preparation for mourning the fallen idols of '80's miserablism

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