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biography of idaho

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RE: biography of idaho | from Seth HowardMay 20 2004 - 16:19

Cool. Thanks, Brian.

I had no idea Jeff and Doug had been working together that long.

Oh, and that Living End promo shot is hottttttttt!

RE: biography of idaho | from personne May 20 2004 - 15:17

god! "color or race of mother " (????????????????)
Mince je vais parler francais ( i'm sorry ) un instant j'ai oubliƩ que les EU avaient ete un pays segregationniste d'ou ma surprise.

I'm sorry , i said , for a minute i forget that the US used to be a segregationist country (1964)(sorry for the bad translation I do not speak english)
(et mon francais est lamentable ah ah)

RE: biography of idaho | from brianMay 19 2004 - 23:52

this is up for now and will be updated and corrected as needed.

RE: biography of idaho | from Alex NiedtMay 16 2004 - 23:51

Have you posted it? I'm not seeing it anywhere.

RE: biography of idaho | from brianApr 26 2004 - 23:15

i'm working on individual bios for everyone who's been involved in IDAHO. it's something i've been gathering since starting the archive. lots of blank pages for too many people. trying to do a before and after, with links to any other musical projects of interest as well. i 'll clean up the page on Jeff a little more and post it soon.

RE: biography of idaho | from AndrewApr 25 2004 - 20:16

That's a good idea. It's the only thing really missing from this site.

biography of idaho | from d.delucaApr 25 2004 - 19:07

hey jeff, i was wondering if you have the time, could you make a short biography of yourself and the band idaho... to post on the website. like who is in the band now. what percentage of the creative direction you take credit for, where you are from, what your daily life is like, etc. it would definitely fill me in a little more and within relation to the beautiful music which resonates through you. yall. just a suggestion doug

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