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bridge pieces, et al

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bridge pieces, et al | from ronApr 22 2004 - 16:24

when i was, what, 13 or 14 years-old, my dad bought the first guitar i ever owned. it is a martin stinger. eddie van halen paint job. pretty freaking sweet in 1989. anyway, i've since graduated from college and got a job... and was able to buy a real guitar (tele, SG, and for a short time a cyclone.) i want to take that old stinger and try to do the 4-string thing with it. there's a great guitar maker's shop in columbus, ohio that said they could do the work. but the one concern was finding an appropriate bridge piece. jeff, or anyone who's got a 4-string, if you could pass on advice about a bridge (or a neck) it would be much appreciated. and for the record, the song "down in waves" in currently my favorite IDAHO song... just to keep it relevant.

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