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RE: Red House Artwork Question | from aliApr 30 2004 - 14:05

I watched woody allens annie hall the other night and theres a bit about how he grew up underneath a rolleroaster in coney island, and i remembered this post, is this the same rollercoaster? it looked like it it the film

RE: Red House Artwork Question | from Rob sApr 19 2004 - 02:36

Thanks Jamie. I'm planning my holiday now. good One.

RE: Red House Artwork Question | from JamieApr 17 2004 - 03:09

If you go to http://www.sadreminders.com/ - the new title for the RHP/SKM sites, and click on interaction and then select the red house painters discussion, you will find a couple of threads - titled - rollercoaster location and golden gate park.... There are a few links in here, including a picture of the rollercoaster you are referring to in Coney Park

RE: Red House Artwork Question | from mplasterApr 14 2004 - 23:02

i'm fairly certain that's from a photo from Coney Island. i could be wrong, though....

Rollercoster? | from Rob SApr 14 2004 - 21:55

Does anyone know where the Rollercoaster on the 2nd RHP LP is?

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