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flat top

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RE: flat top | from rubberchickenJun 13 2004 - 01:00

heya JB thanx heaps for writing the words, they were not all what i thought they were!! :P
i've been singin 'jump in the lake/and see the view from the bottom/f**kin up the sky...' for a start. (i think it sounds cool with the swear word!!) :P:P
anyways thank heaps!!

as far as that jerkoff spammer goes..your gunna get them where ever you go online...bored little losers with too much time to kill between jerking off.. just ignore them and they'll go away!
rock on y'all!

RE: flat top | from ronJun 04 2004 - 15:18

i agree. i know i've made my fair share of stupid comments, but i don't deliberately try to push buttons. i'm not totally sure how to get to the skyscrape group, but if someone could send a private email i'd be happy to join up.

RE: flat top | from JBJun 04 2004 - 15:08

1. Flat Top
(words: Jeff Martin – Music: Martin/Borden/Seta/Lewis)

Jump in the lake
and see the view from the bottom
looking up the sky
all you want is to maybe die
cause nothing is sacred and nothing’s gonna kill
you hey sailor
never stays
flat top
rolling right on by
It’s okay to be confused
something’s growing by the light of day
you blow your time to get real strong
you were pumping out questions while sleeping on the same floor
Hey sailor
Never stays
Flat top
rivet right down
you’re looking bright side now
you’re looking bright side
you face up cause you cannot lie to yourself
cause your hardships are going to sink you
“thank you”

RE: flat top | from m2Jun 03 2004 - 21:40

man.. whoever you are.. same person, or multiple posters....

whoever you are, you sure are a lonely, sad person.

...i try to imagine how my life would be if i made such a point to put EFFORT into posting anonymously on messages boards, completely lost in the enormity of the (non-real) internet; if that were the only thing i could find to fill my time with. it breaks my heart, to be quite honest. and then the fact that you just use this insubstantial, ineffective medium to throw out (usually child-like) insults and base, profane comments towards people who, not only do you not KNOW, but who havent even said anything to merit you attacking them.... it's so obvious that you are simply lashing out in order to feel better about yourself. it's a fairly common behavior trait among many people.

but to be honest, it just makes me sad. that you are so unhappy with yourself that you need to insult these other "people" just to try to boost your own self-worth.

i guess all i can say is i am sorry. i am sorry that you feel so unloved and worthless. but i would like to encourage you, that these name-callings and profane insults are NOT the answer, and they will never truly actually make you feel any better about who you are. i do hope one day you can see this, and realize that it would be more helpful and productive to reach out to and give kindness and love to others, rather than tear them down. it's much more likely that this will truly improve your own life (and even the lives of those around you) as well as heal the hurtful ways you feel about yourself.

my thoughts are with you, and i truly hope one day you can be happy with who you are and not feel the need to hurt others. i hope some of these words have helped you. good luck, my friend.

Off topic | from Alex N.Jun 03 2004 - 20:57

why am I such a twink-fucker?

RE: flat top | from abandonedJun 03 2004 - 18:24

don't go....

please don't go....

RE: flat top | from Alex NiedtJun 03 2004 - 15:21

All aboard the Skyscrape group!!!!! Please...

RE: flat top | from JPWJun 03 2004 - 14:29

Are you fucking serious? Yep, that's right. Don't come here, Dean. Okay, ATTENTION ALL REAL IDAHO FANS! You're not welcome on this board anymore because this fucking dipshit has taken it over in order to talk to himself all day long.

Dude, why the fuck are you trying to keep people from enjoying this message board? You're either the most aggravatingly stupid person in the world or you must really hate IDAHO for some reason. Either way, fuck off.

RE: flat top | from the governatorJun 03 2004 - 14:18

then don't come here, dean.

RE: flat top | from DeanJun 03 2004 - 01:53

Jeff: can you not stop these fucking idiots from posting? Coming here becomes more painful every day.

RE: flat top | from RubberchickenJun 02 2004 - 21:45

bump! uuummmm... hopefully they will turn up on the slidingpast website hint hint hehehe ;)

sliding | from pastApr 02 2004 - 10:06


RE: flat top | from Front page observerApr 02 2004 - 10:05


But where!

RE: flat top | from Seth HowardApr 02 2004 - 10:05

slidingpast.com is great. No lyrics for "flat top" there though.

flat top | from RubberchickenApr 02 2004 - 09:57

flat top is my new favourite idaho song, does anyone have lyrics to it? are there any fan sites with lyrics and better info than this site?

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