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RE: Interesting Article | from stemsApr 02 2004 - 12:23

Actually, the idea of having a Rush album "just slam out of the speakers like a loud blast of white noise" sounds kinda appealing.

I agree with the tone of the article as far as how record execs fuck EVERYONE from the musicians down to the fans, but jeebus, I wonder what take the author of that piece would have on Merzbow or Dead C?

RE: Interesting Article | from cApr 02 2004 - 05:05

that's funny

RE: Interesting Article | from DeanApr 01 2004 - 23:51

Alex: what's happened to your sense of humour recently? I know dumb posts are a pain but don't let them get to you baby.

RE: Interesting Article | from Alex NiedtApr 01 2004 - 16:00

Nice to know you still have to post anonymously when you try to insult me. Cheers!

RE: Interesting Article | from meApr 01 2004 - 15:21

it's nice to know Mr. Alex has finally learned to "use his tool" properly.

RE: Interesting Article | from Alex NiedtApr 01 2004 - 13:55

Yep. When I first started recording (actually up until sometime last year), I used to squish stuff too much because I didn't know how to use my tools properly.

RE: Interesting Article | from AndrewApr 01 2004 - 13:23

Man, that's crazy stuff. Really sucks. Jeff, don't do it!

RE: Interesting Article | from Seth HowardApr 01 2004 - 13:00

Yeah. That's a good one.

Interesting Article | from Alex NiedtApr 01 2004 - 12:07


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