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repeating themes

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RE: repeating themes | from ChrisMar 29 2004 - 07:16

Also, (the obvious) "EndGame" from Year After Year and "You are There" from the Palms EP are the same song... Jeff blatanly repeats visual themes, too, like the whole palms asthetic (which is incredibly beautiful and not without irony)...Palms appear on the first EP, and the cover of YAY, and then of course on Hearts of Palm...but also all the promo shots for This Way Out feature Palm trees, too...and then there is the ocean theme...not only in lyrics, but the cover of three sheets is a close up of a shell, and of course TWO and Levitate....Jeff is creating a complete picture for us, and we can drown its beauty... (drivel, drivel sniff...)

RE: repeating themes | from RossMar 29 2004 - 06:12

My favourite is the piano at the end of "Forever" on 'This Way Out'.

It was one of the things that won me over to the IDAHOan way of life.

RE: repeating themes | from ronMar 29 2004 - 05:36

it's all over pink floyd's stuff. it's funny (not ha ha funny) how that band still influences music today.

RE: repeating themes | from Alex NiedtMar 28 2004 - 23:57

That's one of my favorite things about Idaho and music in general. One of my favorite instances of a repetition that brings about resolution or finality:

repeating themes | from Matt_MMar 28 2004 - 21:36

This may seem very obvious but is anyone else taken and very impressed by the repeating musical themes in Idaho records? In particular the beginning and ending of Hearts Of Palm (maybe my fave right now) are the exact same progressions only softly on piano at the end.
The same approach is taken on Levitate with the final piano line of the record that is hinted at and repeated several times during the album.
Just a question. I find it very soothing, like an easy come down from the record. In fact, though the whole thing is amazing, the last 2 minutes of it are the most satisfying to me. It seems like a very classical approach to arranging, kind of leaving the listener with some sort of resolution or finality.
thoughts or any other specific examples people notice like this?

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