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RE: FODM | from canuckApr 13 2004 - 21:15

they played the last calgary folk music festival and they were the glue that held every music-workshop they were involved in together. bill elm is a mean pedal steel player, right up there with Paul Niehaus (Calexico).

RE: FODM | from stemsMar 29 2004 - 14:38

I found heFFe's comment hilarious, actually.

FODM are real cool- generally a lot of pedal steel guitar and vibes and such.

Sort of a lonely highway / high lonesome desert sounding lounge music. Instrumental. Nice.

RE: FODM | from AndrewMar 28 2004 - 18:53

Count on heFFe to only post when he has a smartass comment to make.

RE: FODM | from heFFeMar 28 2004 - 15:21

Ummm...Frank Sanachez, Sammy Davis Lopez Jr., Steve and Eddie Gonzalez. The list goes on really.

friends | from michelMar 28 2004 - 13:29

anyone knows 'Friends of Dean Martinez'?
we're opening for them next week, i wonder what crowd to expect.

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