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RE: analog synths et. al. | from stemsFeb 29 2004 - 10:36

FWIW, I just purchased an old Moog (Realistic) Concertmate MG-1, which was the "poor man's Moog" made cheaply by the company to be sold through Radio Schlock.

I am told it is quite a spacey generator.

RE: analog synths et. al. | from stemsFeb 23 2004 - 17:28

I really do appreciate this info. I am a longtime guitar wanker and the last few years have played ukulele. (Yes...ukulele...) but I really would like to get down to making some weird ass electronic stuff. Not beat stuff, not new age, not trance, house, hip hop or what have you, but just shards and washes of old style analog synthness, along the lines of old sci-fi movie soundtracks or electronic "composers" like some John Cage or Subotnick or Milton Babbit. I just wish I knew what I was really doing. If anyone has a line on software that will employ some of these old oscillators and filters and such and are NOT designed necessarily for loops and rave/club beat heavy stuff, that'd be cool. (Also, I have quite a few effects pedals and a couple of decent sound editing programs on my computer.) I will check into the places you've already turned me on to. Thanks again, all!

RE: analog synths et. al. | from KeithFeb 23 2004 - 15:05

I'd definately go with software synths, unless of course your budget isn't an issue. Native Instruments probably make the best softsynths on the market (and also make Reaktor, which is a playground for experimental music, and have lots of cool models of old synths). The one I use the most unfortunately isn't made any more but it's called Probe, by a company called Synoptic and is the closest thing I've heard to an analog synth, unfortunately it's only standalone and not vst or dx, but you can always hook it up to a midi synth.

A good place to search out softsynths, plugins of all kinds http://kvr-vst.com/

RE: analog synths et. al. | from stemsFeb 21 2004 - 09:16

mplaster, you have been LOADS of help. Man, I appreciate it! Yeah, I do barely grasp the difference between analog and digital. As I understand it, it has something to do with voltage regulation and current type along with the binary vs. non-binary thing.

I have been on the lookout for an old analog synth. Place nearby had an Arp Oddyssey for like $200 but it was sold as soon as they had posted it on their website.

I certainly DO want to use this to create waveforme and weirdness much more than having a synth that does club loops and beats or replicates the sound of a string section or what have you.

A friend is sending me a copy of Retro AS-1 synth software, and I will look into the others you mentioned too. Love to keep up a dialog about this as I am fumbling in the dark. Vintage synths are indded pricey and seem to always need some kind of work.

Glad to hear your thoughts on the Roland and Korgs. Very cool of you. You obviously know what you are talking about. Thanks again and when my buddy and I get some CDs in tha can, I'll let you know and send you some.

RE: analog synths et. al. | from mplasterFeb 21 2004 - 09:02

well, those are both physical modelling synths; i.e. fakers, the MS2000 especially. its nothing you couldnt get for six times cheaper in a software synth. i would recommend staying far away from most Korg synths unless they are original, actual analog circuitry from the 70's or 80's like the MS-20 or 770 or Poly61 but of course, those are rare as heck and would cost you an arm and a leg. many of these new physical modelling synths try to elaborate on what the originals did and do far more than the originals could and therefore ruin the premise. besides there is a world of difference between a digitally recreated waveform and filter path, and an actual oscillator current generating an actual, physical waveform. but anyhow i digress. if you dont know a whole lot about the difference between true analog and physical modeling, let me know and ill elaborate.

as for the ROland table top SH32, i believe its trying to be some sort of digital mix between an SH101, a TB303 and maybe a bit of juno thrown in there. i only messed around with one once, seemed decent for fakey basslines, and if you put a gun to my head i would certianly buy that one before the Korg, but still its zeroes and ones, not

analog synths... | from stemsFeb 21 2004 - 00:58

Wondering if anyone here was into old synths at all. I am just starting out messing with them and I don't know shit but I love the squiggly sounds I get.

Does anyone know about the Korg MS2000, the Korg Electribe or the Roland SH-32 Tabletop synth?

I don't want beat-heavy club and house loops or anything, I'm looking for weird mad scientist 50's electronic experimental type stuff. Anyone ?

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