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RE: How about playing the UK? | from GeoffJan 27 2004 - 10:24

THEY PLAYED OCTOBER TWO YEARS AGO...? And no-one told me about it?


I really must go on the internet more often...

I hope the show went well - I think the UK scene is a good one for a band with Idaho's overall sound and style at the moment. Music with such inherant genius can rarely meld with the masses however - a sad state of affairs.

Might have to take a holiday to the US to conincide with future gigs, I guess... As long as they let me in the country ;-)

RE: How about playing the UK? | from stemsJan 20 2004 - 12:01

Dean, thank you for your comments and suggestion. I am already married to a wonderful woman who is also a Yank. I wonder if bigamy laws are the same across the Atlantic...

You may be right, the best AND worst of everything. Unfortunately, the balance seems to be shifting towards the dark side.

Take care!

RE: How about playing the UK? | from DeanJan 20 2004 - 00:46

Find a nice British girl, marry her and come on over!!
America is the best and worst of everything: very mixed feelings.

RE: How about playing the UK? | from stemsJan 17 2004 - 07:28

Michel, the U.S. IS indeed a beautiful country. All sorts of climates, all sorts of scenery. I love the outdoors. I should add that, thought there are many terribly shameful episodes, I love the history of the USA as well.

I have also traveled very extensively within our borders. Not just passing thru, but living and experiencing life in Minnesota, Texas, Louisiana, Rhode Island, Wyoming, Idaho, Oklahoma, Ohio Oregon, Arizona, New mexico, California and Illinois.

And those are just the states I have lived in for extended periods. I have been through the bulk of the rest of the states, aside from Alaska and Hawaii which I'd dearly love to see. Yes, I'm a rambler.

Please don't get me wrong, I think there is a plethora of beauty here. I think the people are still largely kind, inventive and thoughtful.

There are still more avenues of creativity and expression in Amerika than many other countries. I am not miserable being here, it is more a question of ideology. I don't believe we have much voice in the political system, aside from local elections and issues. But more, it is the tack this country has taken since Dubya took office that I have real trouble with.

Another 4 years of him and we'll be so deep in a damn hole I don't know how we'll recover.

But then again, whoever's next is probably gonna be just another corporate suck-ass too.

Why is it there are so many protests against Bush in other nations and so few here? He doesn't speak for anyone I know. He is not my president.

American Expat- I wish I knew how you did it. When I was researching it, it seemed insurmountable to obtain a work visa, prove financial solvency, etc. that other countries seem to want.

Jeff, I apologize for commandeering this message board and turning it into a political debate forum. I'll gladly shut up as this may not be welcomed here.

Peace, love, cheese.

RE: How about playing the UK? | from michelJan 17 2004 - 06:36

i think it's harder for me to get in the US as a Dutch citizen then the other way around actually. Still you have to know your business as in what you're planning to come over for.
And yeah, in Eastern Europe things are cheap, for us first worlders, but what is left cheap when you earn a YEAR salary of $1000 for a 60+ hour working week, if you're lucky enough to have a job over there? You're not the kind to go with the flow we see that all right, but man, your country is so fucking beautifull!!!! I suggest you get your backpack and buy a $100 GM wreck and go from state to state and see what the land and the people are like!
we'll talk again after you have returned.

RE: How about playing the UK? | from american expatriateJan 16 2004 - 22:31

"You show me a nation that would welcome Amerikan immigrants with open arms and I'm THERE.

But places make it as hard as possible."

It's really not that hard...very simple, in fact. Don't know what you're smokin.

RE: How about playing the UK? | from stemsJan 16 2004 - 21:25

hey doood,

it's not my problem with the standard of living in the US that troubles me. I realize in that regard I am fortunate.

However, we were in the supposedly depressed nations of Hungary and especially Romania which is supposed to be nearly a third world country, and man, people seem to do pretty well there. Sure, there's some unemployment (not like there isn't here- 2.7 million + jobs LOST under Bushy Jr. and more heading overseas all the time). The people of those countries were friendly, happy and got all the McDonalds and Levis they want. CHEAP.

Yeah, I'd rather live here than in Liberia or Iraq, but this "hey, you don't like the US of freakin' A, then get the hell OUT!" redneck idiot attitude is part of what bothers me about this place.

I have children. Crime wise, this is the WORST nation to live in. BY FAR. By a hundredfold.

Schools, libraries and the arts are being eroded at an astonishing rate so that Bush and his cronies can make war and kill civilians to make themselves fatter and richer on oil money.

Our liberties, privacy and freedom are disintegrating.

We have made total asses of ourselves on an international scale with these monkey-brained policies of pre-emptive strike and bald-faced lies about this or that dictator we have to remove as a "threat" so Haliburton can go in and sop up the reserves and make more billions for themselves.

It's sick. It's sick and I understand why so many other nations look at us as obnoxious sloganeering mouth breathers. Or worse, terrorists in our own right.

Yea, I could be worse off. Yes, I DO actually love my country, just not what it's becoming.

You show me a nation that would welcome Amerikan immigrants with open arms and I'm THERE.

But places make it as hard as possible. Australia, New Zealand, Canada, any E.U. country. They don't want us.

And I don't blame them.

RE: How about playing the UK? | from Alex NiedtJan 16 2004 - 20:48

I'm pretty sure most people's pets in America live better than the kings in some countries.

RE: How about playing the UK? | from m2Jan 16 2004 - 17:42

dude, not to get all patriotic and shit, but if you hate America so damn much, get the fuck out. yeah, we got it

RE: How about playing the UK? | from stemsJan 16 2004 - 15:45

Man, if I had any kind of band with any kind of label support, you wouldn't get me OUT of the UK.

Amerika is a sinking ship. I'm ashamed to call myself a citizen of this country. I'd like to think it was simply an accident of birth.

Incidentally, my family were in Prague last year (trying to escape the USSA) and on the flip of a coin we decided to go to the UK instead of Romania.

We flew into Heathrow and due to our immense amount of baggage, lack of return address in the states and inability to state exactly what we were planning to do, they refused us entry!

I couldn't believe it. If I had been thinking on my feet, I'd've had a spiel planned and we'd likely still be there.

They were right at immigration, though. We truly did plan to stay and work under the table jobs and essentially come as close to becoming Brits (or Scots) as possible.

Would it have been so bad? We are good people. We just wanted to live in a better place, especially for our kids.

I wonder if they'd scoff if Amerikans attempted to claim asylum in Gr. Britain?

RE: How about playing the UK? | from DeanJan 16 2004 - 04:54

Come to Brighton...

RE: How about playing the UK? | from Dan T Jan 13 2004 - 14:32

The last time Idaho graced these shores was October 2002 for one London date.

If memory serves, the last time Idaho toured the UK before 2002 was 1993... See you in 2011 then Geoff ;-)

... summer in UK can be quite pleasant. You could combine a tour with a holiday Jeff !

Soon... Please... | from GeoffJan 13 2004 - 11:34

Hi there...

I live in the sunny UK, and as a consequence find it very difficult to pick up some of the older idaho releases.

But I'm getting there...

Oh yes...

Have I missed you guys in the UK over the last few years?

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